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Spring Fever

This could be me. It’s that time of year again. And to show I’m not joking, here’s the lowdown on nasal irrigation.

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The Late, Great Agnostic

Robert Green Ingersoll had many memorable things to say about a great many topics. He loved Shakespeare and Thomas Paine above all other authors. Most people have never heard of him, but he was one of America’s most famous speakers … Continue reading

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Boxing Christopher Hitchens

Shmuley Boteach has a worthy rebuttal to Christopher Hitchens in today’s JPost. As far as the New Atheist lawfirm Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins and Dennett goes, the one I’ve always been half-hearted about is Hitchens. He is an excellent writer, and … Continue reading

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Moral Blindness and the Perfect Weapon

A quote from Paul Berman: “The anti-war Socialists wanted to understand their enemies and not just dismiss them–wanted to seek out whatever was comprehensible, the points on which everyone could agree. And so, listening to the Nazis make their wildest speeches, … Continue reading

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Ins and Outs of Wonkdom

Here is a revealing article from today’s Jerusalem Post about the dangers of being a wonk. What’s a wonk, you ask? Roughly, a wonk is someone who “argues that Teheran’s attendance (at the Hague) signals its underlying pragmatism – and … Continue reading

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Chain Mail

We call them chain letters. In Italy they’re referred to as “St. Anthony’s letters”, and I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation as to why (but I don’t know it). They arrive at your inbox, usually with a subject like, … Continue reading

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This is a man

Roberto Saviano has been living undercover since his book Gomorrah was published three years ago. It is an inconvenient book for some people, and Saviano has paid a heavy price. He walks around with seven carabinieri, frequently changes residence, and … Continue reading

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They Call it Lawfare

Two weeks ago I saw Gerald Steinberg of NGO Monitor give this speech at the Italian Parliament. Italy is so far the only European country to have pulled out of the Durban II Conference in Geneva, which will be held … Continue reading

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Bloggers’ Blues

I don’t usually read the high-powered bloggers that pop up on WordPress every time I log in to this blog (mostly they’re about business, and I’m not too interested), but today one caught my eye and I clicked. Here’s what … Continue reading

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US-Israel Alliance:A Good Thing?

David Rothkopf answers the question here by asking: “What makes the idea of this particular lobby more sinister than all those farmers or Cubans or African-Americans or gays or union members or Arabs or Taiwanese or Christians?” Elsewhere, Yoram Ettinger adds … Continue reading

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