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50 Reasons to Be an Atheist

There is a spanking new book out called 5o Voices of Disbelief:  Why We Are Atheists. If ever you found yourself straddling the fence, wondering on which side to jump off, this book is for you. I don’t have a … Continue reading

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How Italians Argue

It doesn’t really matter if you understand Italian or not. For the record, these people are discussing Islam and whether or not it poses a threat to Italy. Just watch the devolution of discourse. Nobody gives anyone else the chance … Continue reading

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I Finally Saw One of Those Plastic Jesus Dolls

We were in Assisi for a few days and we went to the living manger scene (I’m writing a poem about this, so stay tuned), which is a kind of reenactment of the night Jesus was (supposedly) born in a … Continue reading

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Disliking Christmas (with Examples)

Every winter I promise myself I’m going to learn to enjoy Christmas. And every winter I fail. By the time the lights are up and the oversized public fir tree hung with tinsel and trumpeting angels, my enthusiasm has unraveled like a proverbial ball of yarn. Yet I am unable to understand just why I find Christmas-time so appalling. I must have been dropped on my head as a child. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas, Mexico!

Mexico City has (very) recently legalized gay marriage. Some Mexicans are (not quite understandably) pissed off  about this, and feel their Christmas will be ruined by the equal rights of others. Mighty Christian of them. Long live “family values.” If this … Continue reading

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How Do You Define a Moment?

I’m surprised this isn’t one of the most watched videos on YouTube. There really is no explanation other than the fact that there is no toilet humor. There is some blood, but only on the operating table. There are no … Continue reading

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Why You Should Read the (Restored) New Testament

I have precious little time to do any writing these days, much less blogging. Anyway, you should read the Restored New Testament because you probably haven’t even read the unrestored one, and because (yes) it’s a major work of literature. … Continue reading

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Senator Diane Savino Makes a Point About Marriage

If you’re against gay marriage becoming legal, perhaps you’d better take a deep breath before watching the following speech before the New York Senate.

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