Stop smoking

I believe from time to time I get to be a bit of a pedant on my own blog. It’s the price my readers pay – especially those searching for Hubble images, a strangely growing phalanx – for all the diamonds and gold I’ve selflessly unearthed for them from my own mind.

So here is my pedantic trip for the day: Stop smoking. No caps, no boldface, no fancy fonts and no colored letters. I’m not dressing this up like a placebo with a bowtie. It’s dead serious and so am I. Stop smoking.

You know why. You’ve thought it through a million times yourself. Now I’m reiterating it for you. I want you to think of me next time you light a cigarette or buy a pack. Bogart wasn’t cool; he died a shitty cancer-ridden death. Sure, he looked cool in black-and-white. You, on the other hand, look like a fool. Because you know so much more than Bogart knew about what smoking is doing to you.

I want to be a pain in your ass about this.

About Marc Alan Di Martino

I'm a skeptical poet, blogger, columnist, occasional cartoonist, atheist, kvetcher and all-around lovable mensch - in precisely that order. I live in Italy, a country in serious need of skeptics and secularists who will challenge the status quo. Kind of like the United States and most places on earth.
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3 Responses to Stop smoking

  1. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are extremely effective methods to quit smoking. In fact, hypnosis creates Non-Smokers. It’s as if they have never smoked. No withdrawals, No moodswings, No cravings, No chemical imbalances.

  2. Everybody knows which using tobacco can be a killer craving nevertheless the worst type of factor about this will be the extremely low effectiveness. On the other hand, the harder you know about how you can stop smoking …stop smoking

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