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Oh, shit

I’ve been reading Death by Black Hole, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s witty and informative collection of essays on the cosmos. Today I came across an essay entitled “Coming Attractions” in the section appropriately called When the universe turns bad. The essay … Continue reading

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Not yet three weeks

Jonathan Richman gets inside the mind of a three year old (anyone know where the hyphen goes?) and tells us what he finds. Melissa is almost three weeks old, but I think much of this song holds true nonetheless. Especially … Continue reading

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Raising thinking children

It should be no surprise to anyone who reads this blog that I am obsessing over children now; that just kind of happens unexpectedly when you become a parent. Of course, it’s a bit early to start obsessing over what … Continue reading

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A simple matter of faith

The Center for Inquiry has released a statement on the controversial Cordoba House, aka GZM, in lower Manhattan. The CFI take on things cuts the whole matter down to size: the real problem is religious faith, not which religious faith. … Continue reading

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The God Museum at Ground Zero

While I was busy dealing with the first two weeks of fatherhood, I was also trying to follow the bizzarre “debate” over the GZM, or Ground Zero Mosque. A friend, whom I disagree with at times on this blog, put … Continue reading

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If you don’t agree you can fuck off

Here is Dawkins rebuking Tyson’s rebuke (2006), courtesy of Meming of Life. Sometimes I, too, wonder if I’m too harsh. Nahhh!

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Life in Petrignano

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Thirtysomething theme

Oh shit this is fucking us.

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Can you hear me, Major Tom?

The first week of fatherhood is making me feel like Major Tom, floating around in a tin can looking at Earth from above. It helps that the only cd we have in the car is David Bowie’s Greatest Hits 1969-74. … Continue reading

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The stars look very different today

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