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Making it gnu

There has been a lot of dissatisfaction penned lately against the Gnu Atheists. Call it in-fighting. A friend put it this way after I’d sent him Ophelia Benson’s reply to Julian Baggini: “I felt like I was reading the kind … Continue reading

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Images of holiness: Padre Pio

Here is a photo of my favorite Bad Saint, Padre Pio. He faked his stigmata with chemicals, laundered money in the black market of Nazi-occupied Paris, and philandered his way to becoming the number one Christian saint in Italy. Some … Continue reading

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Religion in school (is not cool)

I’m dreading the day when we send our daughter to nursery school, because that’s when the indoctrination begins. Everybody knows Italy has “religion hour” in its public schools, part of the government’s bending-over-backwards to let the Church infiltrate the tender … Continue reading

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Ophelia took the words right…

…out of my mouth. That vicious authoritarian theocratic homophobic misogynist hierarchical thug presumes to blame atheists for Nazism when his own fucking church was all but an ally of the Nazis and really was an ally of Mussolini and Franco. … Continue reading

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Blame the Jews (it’s a comedy sketch)

The really funny thing is that what people occasionally say is no more absurd and far-fetched than this little ditty by Pope Anti-Semiticus. I mean, I know you know someone who really thinks this way. Please forward to your favorite … Continue reading

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Ratzinger’s war against atheism

Miranda Celeste Hale writes an excellent blog called Ex-Catholic Girl. Here is her recent post on Pope Ratzinger’s declaration of war against atheism from his current tour of the UK. …instead of using his platform to give a genuine apology … Continue reading

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Baptism ends in drowning

Here is a story from this summer which I had missed due to my excusable lack of vigilance. It’s about a child who was killed during baptism by full-immersion in Moldova. I understand full-immersion baptism is much less common than … Continue reading

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My earliest memory: Gene Simmons mauls the refreshment stand

Memory is a funny thing. I’ve read that we remember almost nothing from before we are three years old. So imagine one of your longest-running memories being one of Gene Simmons mauling the refreshment stand in the 1978 made-for-tv movie … Continue reading

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The Friar in the Maternity Ward

A few weeks ago our daughter Melissa was born in the hospital in Perugia; within seven hours she had already become the target of religious proselytizing. Continue reading

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I get comments

A Marcblog reader writes: …among all the crap you publish -i refer specially to all related to Israel and the islamic world- this is the most interesting thing. Brilliant.* My advice: start your own blog; publish your own crap. * … Continue reading

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