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Jesus and Mo and me

Jesus and Mo – that atheistically philosophical comic strip starring our favorite prophetic odd couple – have been inspired to one of their dialogues by Italy’s dear Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. Frattini has gotten oodles of attention this week while … Continue reading

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Yes, we are helping

A quick thought from Voltaire, because I’m out the door now. “Be assured that one enthusiastic, factious, ignorant, supple, vehement Capuchin – the emissary of some ambitious monks – who goes about preaching, confessing, communicating and caballing, will much sooner … Continue reading

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Thank you, Butterflies and Wheels!

My post on Italy’s theocratic pretensions has been linked at Butterflies and Wheels. So here’s a big sombrero tip to you, Ophelia! Go to “Latest News.” And to think just yesterday I wasn’t helping.

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“I am never forget ze day”

I suppose I have my mother to thank for turning me on to Tom Lehrer, one of the most brilliant musical satirists alive. His stage patter alone would be worth listening to, but the fact is that each of his … Continue reading

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This country is rotten and it will never change, no matter what

Atheists, non-believers and freethinkers are pissed off across the globe like never before. Just this past week I discovered new freethought websites in Greece,  Cyprus, Uganda and Italy.* I’m now keeping a list, so if you know of any I … Continue reading

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Auden, supine?

Harold Bloom’s latest book is out, Till I End My Song: A Collection of Last Poems. Leafing through a copy, I found a wonderful poem by W. H. Auden (hardly surprising) called “A Lullaby:” Your daily round is done with,/you’ve … Continue reading

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The ear of the eavesdropper

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi recently raised eyebrows by again poking crude fun at the looks of Democratic Party chief Rosy Bindi, his favorite punching bag. “Orcodio!” Berlusconi said in a joke involving Bindi. Roughly translated, the expression means “Fucking … Continue reading

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Carrie Fisher was almost my sister

My mother was a huge, salivating fan of Eddie Fisher in her adolescence. I think she was even president of the Eddie Fisher Fan Club in her hometown. She used to tell me of the time when she traveled to … Continue reading

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Teenage atheists, you are normal!

Ophelia Benson has an article in the New Humanist on Gnu Atheism. I especially like the last paragraph: Spare a thought for that teenager though. That’s the other side of all this. Yes there is some noisy atheist ranting and … Continue reading

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Mere blasphemy

I’m late in commemorating Blasphemy Day 2010, but as PZ Myers says, “every day is blasphemy day.” It is with great pleasure that I post a photograph I took in the bar in the Assisi train station, which is overflowing … Continue reading

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