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Why I’m an atheist

Over at WashPo Susan Jacoby couldn’t resist having another laugh at the expense of the Catholic Church. But this is like sniggering at the shmendrick who drops his ice cream on the sidewalk: it’s too easy. Here’s Jacoby: Let’s see. … Continue reading

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Favorite film stills: Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is the movie I’ve probably watched more than any other except Star Wars, and that’s only because when I was young we had cable television and it was on two or three times a week. But Citizen Kane … Continue reading

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Exorcism is complete and utter nonsense

I just wanted to briefly add my voice to the chorus of those who thought Laurie Goodstein’s NTY article on the revival of exorcism in the Catholic Church was silly. I mean, is this news? PZ Myers made a thorough … Continue reading

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Italy deserves a better government. This is undeniable. But I don’t think Bersani has a ghost of a chance of running it. Here’s some Greek tragicomedy.

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Israel can has atheists?

Lately I’ve been reading a blog called the Atheist Rabbi. I’m not exactly sure what kind of rabbinical work there is to do among atheist Jews, but whatever: he has his degree and it makes a provocative name for his … Continue reading

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My favorite Yo La Tengo song

I love the way this one reverberates. I think they ran a Farfisa organ through a guitar and then fiddled with the wha-wha…or at least that appeared to be what Ira Kaplan was doing on stage when I saw them … Continue reading

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Nichi Vendola on being gay

It almost slipped by me as I was writing my last post, but a reader caught it in the comments. Quoting from the Haaretz profile, which still appears to be the most substantial yet in English on the rising star … Continue reading

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Fini or Vendola?

  Gianfranco Fini’s Future and Liberty party held a big event yesterday near Perugia. The Arcigay lauded his speech, saying: [Fini's] clear, explicit language about lgbt (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) and the rights of non-married couples – both heterosexual … Continue reading

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Caught in the act

In Peru, a suspecting husband filmed his own wife in bed with the local parish priest, doing the nasty in church. The woman is apparently pregnant with the priest’s child, and is hoping he will recognize it. He has been … Continue reading

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Beatification prayer for Pius XII

I fell for it again. I bought Corriere della Sera today because they have a new promo, “Classics of Freethought;” for one euro you get a thin volume of Voltaire, Rousseau etc…provided you buy the newspaper. So I did. And … Continue reading

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