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Before you take homeopathy, watch this video. You can’t even oversdose on this stuff!

via Butterflies and Wheels. Mwah!

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Capoeira graffiti

I found this drawing on the wall in Stazione Termini in Rome this afternoon. It was on the stairwell, so I took out my phone and snapped a photo of it. It was too nice not to want to share. … Continue reading

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Snazzy Italian footwear

Imagine that… *(I hope the artist doesn’t mind me posting this cartoon. Click on the boot to see more of his/her work.)

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Oh this is soooo funny!

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Have you ever wondered about cephalopods? Well, I present you with the first half-vegetable, half-squid: I’ll call it a cipollapod. Cipolla means “onion” in Italian, of course. I found them swimming in my kitchen cabinet this morning. Instead of throwing … Continue reading

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Samuel Menashe Reads at the Harvard Club

On this blog, in addition to my atheistic screeds, I like to keep my readers up to date with stuff I publish elsewhere. Usually this kind of stuff has to make it past editors, so it’s kosher (the kids can … Continue reading

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What are they saying?

I’m looking for a caption for this cartoon.* If you think you have a good one, post it in the comments! You might find inspiration here. Of course, the winner gets his or her caption inserted in the quotes. *For … Continue reading

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100% nonsense

Despite Phil Plait’s infamous “Don’t Be a Dick” talk last year, I still like him. I just didn’t like his message much. But that’s fine, because disagreement is what I do best (if you don’t count foot massages and omelets). … Continue reading

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Introducing Monicks

There is a blog I’ve been reading for a few days now by a woman named Monica (hey, my sister’s name is Monica!), who calls herself Monicks. She has made a super-long list of atheists on Twitter to which my … Continue reading

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On not “understanding” religion

Here’s a cool thing Hailfire taught me. Thanks to Monicks for the idea.

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