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“Cat Got His Tongue?”

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Sushi for newborns

This book was just too cool not to share. We found it in the American Embassy in Rome. Omnomnom…

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Pizza and goats

Nostalgia is never an entirely pleasant sensation, especially when you’re being nostalgic about the present. But this is what happens when you’re leaving a place you’ve lived for long enough to have developed a complex attitude to it. It happened … Continue reading

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Happy Darwin Day 2011!

I don’t have a great deal of time this morning – or really any morning – to blog (thus, Twitter). So, to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 202nd birthday and his enduring contribution to modern creationism (anyway something about apes – I … Continue reading

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Italy just got that much more embarrassing

Miseraestupendacittà took this photo. It’s a 2011 Mussolini calendar. Please, don’t touch. We all know how vain dictators are.

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Mark Twain on New England weather

I’ve been ruffling through my bookshelves, preparing to box up my library (again!) for the impending move. It is at such times that I come across the most interesting passages. The following comes from Mark Twain’s Complete Humorous Sketches and … Continue reading

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Let’s all get smashed on homeopathic heroin

This weekend the 10:23 Challenge will be held across the world. That’s exciting, because any opportunity to poke a little fun at homeopathy is worth taking. I do it all the time, and the effects are strikingly similar to those of … Continue reading

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Killer gnomes!

Remember when you were a kid in the ’80s and your sister had a copy of that gnome book with the weird cover? Well, now gnomes are back, hot on the heels of vampires, zombies and Android Jesus. What’s next, … Continue reading

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