Which of these novels have you read?

I love the fact that the Bible is included on this list, where it belongs. Now, what about the Qur’an, the Book of Mormon and Dianetics? I suppose they didn’t want to risk it. (My answers are in red.)

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About Marc Alan Di Martino

I'm a skeptical poet, blogger, columnist, occasional cartoonist, atheist, kvetcher and all-around lovable mensch - in precisely that order. I live in Italy, a country in serious need of skeptics and secularists who will challenge the status quo. Kind of like the United States and most places on earth.
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2 Responses to Which of these novels have you read?

  1. Martin Yanosek says:

    You’ve must’ve seen the movie version of “Cuckoo’s Nest,” Mr. Di Martino. Jack Nicolson as a Christ figure! Can’t be beat! Also, check out Danny DiVito as one of the
    inmates–Martini! Doesn’t say I thing but you know he’s ready to be saved! Peace to you, Mr. Di Martino.–Regards, Martin Yanosek

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