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How Italy’s “8 per mille” religious tax works

I don’t have much time right now to write a lengthy post on the “8 per mille” (that’s “8 per thousand”) religious tax. It’s an obligatory tax, and the taxpayer must choose which religious confession gets the money. If the … Continue reading

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Low-hanging testicles

Jerry Coyne has a post commenting on a review of his book Why Evolution Is True at the BioLogos site. Jerry is always funny, and not at all deserving of his reputation in some circles as a misanthrope. If you … Continue reading

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The greatest

When I sent a fake Bob Dylan tweet last night before going to bed, I didn’t realize he was turning seventy today. Seventy! I’m not going to go into a long spiel about how Dylan is the greatest songwriter since … Continue reading

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Belief (almost) made me a complete asshole*

I’ve been having a debate (what else to call it?) on Facebook lately with a couple of friends over whether religion can be held responsible for its homophobic teachings. I say it can and should, whereas my friends disagree. They … Continue reading

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Miracle in Petrignano

One of the perks of living in Italy is that, no matter where you end up, you are in the realm of miracles. They happen all the time here. But like UFO sightings, hauntings or any other paranormal activity, miracles … Continue reading

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Gotta share!

Here’s a funny musical video. Now share it. (via Proud to be an Overseas American)

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Italian politicians playing on their iPads in Parliament

Here are some photos of Italian politicians using their time wisely. In these photos only right-wing parties are represented, but you can be sure that center and left parties are doing the same. If you’re on a Northern League mailing … Continue reading

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Archy the Cockroach takes on the Universe

From the incomparable Lives & Times of Archy and Mehitabel by Don Marquis: the universe and archy the inspired cockroach sat and looked at each other satirically you write so many things about me that are not true complained the … Continue reading

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Ann Widdecombe on the Ten Commandments

This woman is a masochist. Via @GodlessAtheist.

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Why Osama’s porn stash matters

[The text for this post has been removed.]

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