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All are not equal before the law

The Italian Chamber of Deputies decided it didn’t want to dignify homosexuality by approving a law that would make hate crimes against gays punishable. On. Fabrizio Cicchitto of the PDL explains: We’re not homophobic. Our position is basically this: we … Continue reading

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How do you say “facepalm” in Hebrew?

Yaakov Swisa, founder of FaceGlat – an ultra-orthodox Jewish version of Facebook – has this to say: “People who are God-fearing and care about their children’s education – cannot tolerate the ads and pictures one sees on the regular Facebook. … Continue reading

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Kill the men, rape the women

It doesn’t look too good for Rabbi Shapira’s plan to beat the swords of modern combat into the ploughshares of Yahweh-inspired warfare. Yesterday I wrote about his proposal for Torah-based practical combat; today I want to follow it up with … Continue reading

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Torah-based practical combat

Sound like a guide to warfare based on the laws promulgated in the Torah? Well, that’s what it is. Rabbi Shapira explains: “I think that people who read the plan will realize that what the Torah says is much more … Continue reading

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Postcard from Ectoville

In June we made our first trip to the United States with our baby daughter. After a trying week at the beach, we settled into a rented cottage immersed in the lush green of Hanover County, Virginia. Cows grazed next … Continue reading

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Cruel and unusual: Deuteronomy 13

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the Bible itself in order to refresh your memory of just what it says. You can read the whole thing – more than once, even – and still not recall passages like this … Continue reading

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Spousal advice

My wife ripped this off and handed it to me. “You’ll appreciate it,” she said. I think she meant I might learn something from it.

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The Italian Parliament is not secular

Italy’s Northern League wants a crucifix in Montecitorio, the Italian Parliament. They’re taking the Lautsi vs. Italy decision as carte blanche to impose their religious views in every angle of Italian life. The problem is, according to Cronache Laiche, they’re right: … Continue reading

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A poison apple

Today my wife is attending a funeral for a young man – twenty five! – who recently died of a brain tumor. He was diagnosed only a month before. My aunt died of cancer a few years ago, after a … Continue reading

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Israelis are not Nazis. Duh.

I try to be very patient with people I disagree with. This hasn’t always been the case, but I’ve learned that there is much to be learned from trying to engage people who see things differently – sometimes very differently … Continue reading

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