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Evolution fish

Awesome evolution fish, via Twitter.

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An embarrassment

I still haven’t seen the controversial statue of Pope John Paul II at Rome’s Termini Station. Next week I’m taking a train in and hope to gawk at it as it deserves. Openly criticized across the political spectrum, on social … Continue reading

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Are we really “militant” atheists?

A quick post in response to James Wood’s recent piece in the New Yorker, “Secularism and its Discontents.” Wood misses no opportunity to take a swipe at “militant,” or “Darwinian” atheists (as he calls them) in his review of The … Continue reading

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Samuel Menashe, 1925-2011***

Poet Samuel Menashe died on August 22, 2011. He was a friend of mine in my New York days, and I’ll remember him fondly. He was a very old school kind of person. He lived alone in a walk-up apartment … Continue reading

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Apikoros and proud of it!

Here’s my favorite Jewish atheist joke, c/o Leo Rosten: A brilliant young student goes to an old, learned rabbi and defiantly exclaims, “I must tell you the truth! I have become an apikoros. I no longer believe in God.” “And … Continue reading

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That Ricky Gervais cover

I’m not so sure I’d go with calling this “blasphemous”, because the concept of blasphemy has become entirely meaningless to me. It certainly is excellent, though. Bravo, Ricky! Via Friendly Atheist.

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Bye bye birdie

Tim Farley has the scoop on the Mabus arrest. He was a notorious spammer who even spammed me on Twitter (I guess that means I’m a true skeptic now). He would spend hours at it. For example, on February 25th … Continue reading

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Bringing up baby

When my mother in law decides it’s time to let us know her opinion, I try to restrain myself. Her latest op-ed began with the time-honored incipit, “Feel free to ignore me, but…” She then swiftly descended into a tirade … Continue reading

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Science vs. religion

I just wanted to get this down before I forgot it: • Science is like walking into a pitch-dark room with a small, powerful flashlight. You may not see much at first, but it may stop you from stumbling. Slowly, painstakingly … Continue reading

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