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Ratzinger’s blood libel against atheists

It reminds me of Durban: a gathering of peace-minded folks from all over the globe getting together to discuss problems which afflict us all. But all they can talk about is Israel. The love-fest turns into a blood libel against the … Continue reading

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Morning light in Assisi

Just another stupendous sunrise from our bathroom window. Every so often I like to post something nice.

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An unwelcome guest

Don’t expect to hear many voices pipe up in opposition to the pope’s visit to Assisi tomorrow. There will be no demonstrations, occupations or black bloc terror (thankfully not this last). Maybe in other countries, but not in Italy. Just … Continue reading

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This is from the BBC: I was very happy for all the prisoners and their families as they were reunited after years of unlawful separation and inhumane treatment, but especially for the al-Ghouls who live in Mughraga, central Gaza, close … Continue reading

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Science Saved My Soul

One thing I love about the Internet is that no matter how much cool stuff you come across there’s always something that makes you think, “How did I never see this before?” Yesterday I was listening to an interview with … Continue reading

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Here’s a cartoon I drew in my notebook while waiting at the bus stop near the Vatican.

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Jefferson to Adams

I want to share this wonderful little nugget I plucked from one of Thomas Jefferson’s letters to John Adams. I think you’ll see why when you read it. “I have thus stated my opinion on a point on which we … Continue reading

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Rome burns – get used to it

Here’s a video of today’s “protests” in Rome. There’s a pattern to these protests, which basically boils down to a group of masked marauders getting in the middle of things and burning shit, throwing rocks through storefront windows and antagonizing … Continue reading

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Frederick Douglass on religious slaveholders

I’m not sure why, but until now I’ve never read Frederick Douglass’ Narrative. I think the impetus was actually from Carl Sagan, who devotes a section of The Demon-Haunted World to Douglass’ life.  It’s a remarkable story, not least for … Continue reading

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The silliness of shabbos

Not long ago I was trying to explain the “Sabbath elevators” in Israel to my Catholic aunt. She just kept looking at me like, “You gotta be sh/£&%g me!” Too bad she doesn’t have a computer, or I’d send her … Continue reading

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