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The freedom of unbelief

Liberi di non credere By Raffaele Carcano Editori Internazionali Riuniti, 2011. 379 pages (in Italian) Raffaele Carcano, who heads the UAAR, Italy’s association of atheists, has written a vademecum on the current state of secularity in Italy. Here the reader … Continue reading

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The Turin Shroud just won’t go away. The Telegraph has two articles (at least presenting different sides of the issue, which you would never read in an Italian newspaper) about a group of Italian scientists who claim the shroud is … Continue reading

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Christopher Hitchens, 1949 – 2011

(via Jewmanist.)

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Why doesn’t god put a stop to the sexual abuse of children?

To find out the answer, watch this video: (Thanks to Stewart for the link.)

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UFOs attack Assisi!

Here is a suggestive photo I took this morning of the sunrise. I suppose it might look like a nuclear explosion or an alien attack (or the second coming), but it’s just the effect of light and cloud filtered through … Continue reading

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Big Brother Jesus

Here’s a positively Orwellian church in Umbria. I’d be totally creeped out if I were a kid growing up here and every day had to pass this staring visage. I suppose that’s the point: good old time thought police. Check … Continue reading

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Italian towns

I wanted to share this wonderful (and disheartening) cartoon. Anyone who has ever been to Italy has noticed that Catholic churches are far grander than any other structures. It’s no mystery that immense amounts of public money are funneled directly … Continue reading

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How Christian is Christmas?

Here’s the latest video from the Thinking Atheist. I almost take it for granted that Christmas is – like the Bible and most everything else in Christianity – a mishmash of earlier, mostly forgotten (and suppressed) traditions. Happy holidays!

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A “country” for old men

The Vatican isn’t an actual country. It just plays one on television. Here you can see about 60% of it. The rest is the garden in the back. Average annual earnings of its citizens circa 400.000 euro. Enjoy your day.

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Barney’s Version

We watched “Barney’s Version” last night. It didn’t really render the uproarious nature of Richler’s novel and it was a bit sentimental. Much sadder than the book. And where in the novel Barney married his first wife in Paris, in … Continue reading

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