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The words of an angry militant atheist

If you’re like me, every time you post a link to Pharyngula someone chimes in that P.Z. Myers is loud, obnoxious, aggressive, childish and – if I share his immature attitude – the discussion may as well come to a … Continue reading

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La mentalità italiana

Here’s a cartoon I drew with an Italian translation of a joke I posted here.

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Wall of Jesus

I took this today in a shop in Assisi. There’s just so much of this stuff around here that you almost don’t notice how gaudy it is.

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The Facebook atheist

I recently started a group called Atheists Assisi on Facebook, that notorious maker and breaker of contemporary friendships. The group — the first and only one to my knowledge — is devoted to forging a community of atheists in the Assisi area. … Continue reading

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“Woody Allen Jesus”

Tim Minchin is a serious comic genius. Now that Easter is on its way (as the ditty has it) I think it’s time to dust off this minor masterpiece of Christological mayhem.

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The Italian psyche

A joke. A: “Did you know that in every public schoolroom in Italy the law requires a crucifix and a picture of Garibaldi to be prominently displayed?” B: “Really? Why Garibaldi?!”

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Assisi has atheists!

This is just a quick, informative post to let readers (and search engines) know that there is a new group on Facebook called Atei Assisi | Assisi Atheists. The idea behind it is to give atheists and other non-believers in … Continue reading

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