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Sin City!

Every time another Vatican scandal crops up in the news this song begins playing automatically in my head.

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A really good pain in the ass

I’m reading an excellent book on critical thinking by Christopher DiCarlo called How to Be a Really Good Pain in the Ass. I heard an interview with him on Freethought Radio (I’m sensing a trend), and I thought I’d check it … Continue reading

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The Locust Tree in Flower

Among of green stiff old bright broken branch come white sweet May again – William Carlos Williams

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Shelley Segal – “Saved”

I just heard this song on a Freethought Radio podcast from a few weeks ago (I’m behind on my listening) and liked it immediately. I even like the lyrics, which remind me so much of the debates I have with … Continue reading

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The Christian Life

I love this song despite – or perhaps because of – its boozy Christian sentiment. It makes me feel like I just stumbled into an Oklahoma leather bar full of Jehovah’s Witnesses (or something). Here’s a lyric that makes me … Continue reading

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We are wonderful

There is a recent story in the NYT about child sexual abuse in the Hasidic community of Brooklyn. It seems that when parents of abused children – who were abused in places like the mikveh, or ritual bath-house, and in religious … Continue reading

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Those crazy pagans

Jesus and Mo. Ophelia. Lulz.

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