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This song will drive you nuts

Here is Patty Waters singing Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair (ESP Disk 1965.) Enjoy!

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Bad blogger. As things stand I seem to update this blog about twice, maybe three times, a year. Every time I log in I find I need to reset my password. Half the blogs on my blogroll are defunct or … Continue reading

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Carrot and eggplant latkes

I was doing some spontaneous culinary experimentation today and discovered that eggplant fits nicely into a traditional latke recipe. Just make sure to dice it or julienne it first, then add it to your favorite potato (and carrot!) amalgam and … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Lou

Lou Reed died doing Tai Chi. The image is perfect. The man who enchanted me with his true-to-life tales of scoring dope, mainlining methamphetamine and dressing up as a woman passed away in the peace of his own home while … Continue reading

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Lost In Migration

Recently I’ve been getting addicted to Lumosity’s brain-training games. They’re a lot of fun and some of them are positively maddening. I find I don’t score very well on math-based games or games that test memory. At least, I don’t … Continue reading

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Long lost post

If anyone is still reading this blog – and the stats indicate that someone is – it may be surprising to see a new post. But wait. I have an explanation for why this blog slowed down in the last … Continue reading

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Be counted!

If you’re an atheist or freethinker and you want you be counted, please go to the Atheist Census website and register. 

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