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Which religion is it?

The church bills itself as the one “true” Christian faith, and its theology promises families eternal relationships among those who remain faithful, sealing those gifts through special religious rites. Among the reasons cited by those resigning are the church’s political … Continue reading

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We are wonderful

There is a recent story in the NYT about child sexual abuse in the Hasidic community of Brooklyn. It seems that when parents of abused children – who were abused in places like the mikveh, or ritual bath-house, and in religious … Continue reading

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La mentalità italiana

Here’s a cartoon I drew with an Italian translation of a joke I posted here.

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The Italian psyche

A joke. A: “Did you know that in every public schoolroom in Italy the law requires a crucifix and a picture of Garibaldi to be prominently displayed?” B: “Really? Why Garibaldi?!”

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Target: reason

Wow, this theocratic call-to-arms by Baroness Warsi slipped right by me! She’s actually proud to be leading “the largest ministerial delegation from the United Kingdom to the Vatican” ever (that is, to a “country” which despises everything modern liberal democratic … Continue reading

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An eviction notice

Every time I go to the supermarket there’s an African man selling socks in the parking lot. It’s not always the same man, but he always has the same approach: “Hello, my friend…” after which he goes on to coax … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with religion

A friend and I have been discussing gnu atheism and various concomitant topics on a loooong Facebook thread recently. The following paragraphs have been lifted from one of my comments. I felt they were worth sharing here (others, of course, … Continue reading

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Italy’s Ugliest Churches

I’m always tired of people yapping about how wonderful Italy is because it’s full of beautiful old churches. Well, it’s just as full of terribly ugly modern churches. The kind which make you shiver, the ecclesiastical equivalent of the Yugo. … Continue reading

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Santa is watching

My wife: “What are we going to tell Melissa about Santa?” Me: “Oh, I don’t know. How about nothing?” This question is the latest in a string of “What are we going to tell…?” questions we’ve been patiently addressing for … Continue reading

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The freedom of unbelief

Liberi di non credere By Raffaele Carcano Editori Internazionali Riuniti, 2011. 379 pages (in Italian) Raffaele Carcano, who heads the UAAR, Italy’s association of atheists, has written a vademecum on the current state of secularity in Italy. Here the reader … Continue reading

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