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Sin City!

Every time another Vatican scandal crops up in the news this song begins playing automatically in my head.

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The freedom of unbelief

Liberi di non credere By Raffaele Carcano Editori Internazionali Riuniti, 2011. 379 pages (in Italian) Raffaele Carcano, who heads the UAAR, Italy’s association of atheists, has written a vademecum on the current state of secularity in Italy. Here the reader … Continue reading

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A “country” for old men

The Vatican isn’t an actual country. It just plays one on television. Here you can see about 60% of it. The rest is the garden in the back. Average annual earnings of its citizens circa 400.000 euro. Enjoy your day.

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The cost of the Catholic church

Well, it seems the new government expects everyone to do their part in getting Italy out of its current economic straits – except, you guessed it, the Catholic Church. When asked a direct question on the subject, PM Mario Monti … Continue reading

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Abolish the Lateran Treaty!

Sometimes I wonder which is preferable: to live in a place like the US, where religious nuttiness is rampant among the population (and certainly not unknown among politicians), or a place like Italy, where the population is largely complacent and … Continue reading

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Making sacrifices

“Mario Monti has guaranteed sacrifices for everyone. Now we expect him to trim the more than 5 billion Euro a year in public funds which are diverted to various guises of the Catholic Church.” – Raffaele Carcano, UAAR It seems … Continue reading

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A skeptic’s eye view of Rome

I found this right near the Vatican. Where else?

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An embarrassment

I still haven’t seen the controversial statue of Pope John Paul II at Rome’s Termini Station. Next week I’m taking a train in and hope to gawk at it as it deserves. Openly criticized across the political spectrum, on social … Continue reading

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Nichi Vendola on being gay

It almost slipped by me as I was writing my last post, but a reader caught it in the comments. Quoting from the Haaretz profile, which still appears to be the most substantial yet in English on the rising star … Continue reading

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