Big Brother Jesus



Here’s a positively Orwellian church in Umbria. I’d be totally creeped out if I were a kid growing up here and every day had to pass this staring visage. I suppose that’s the point: good old time thought police. Check out the scrap metal crucifix on the lawn outside.


4 thoughts on “Big Brother Jesus

  1. That’s gotta be the ugliest piece of architecture I’ve ever seen. The only one that can beat this one, I think, is the hideous green church on the way to Florence, right before the Firenze nord exit (we went to Ikea last week and I saw it again). That one deserves a prize on ugliness.

    1. The town of Passaggio di Bettona is really weird in a Fascistic sort of way. Do you have a photo of the church you mentioned? I’ve been thinking of doing a “hideous churches” feature on the blog. There are so many of them here…

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