About me

Like most people, I wear many masks: husband, father, poet, teacher, skateboarder. I go through phases and this blog has tracked them off and on since 2009. It’s a mixed bag, but hey so is life.

I have been writing and publishing poetry since 1997. My work has been published in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, Pivot, BigCityLit, Battered Suitcase, the New Yorker, the Journal of Italian Translation, Poetry Salzburg Review. (An updated list of online publications is below.) More recent work has appeared in Rattle and Poets Reading the News.

Contact me at: marcdimartino at gmail dot com (queries, etc.)

Instagram (skateboarding, art, poetry)

Twitter  (politics, opinion)

Poetry online:


Starman” (Verse-Virtual)

Breaking” (Poets Reading the News)

“Somebody Suggested the World Needed More Vampire Poems, So I Wrote One” (Verse-Virtual)

“Submission Guidelines” (gravel.)

“To the Night Sky”, “Luftmensch” & “To Ink” (Verse-Virtual)

“Pawn’s Game” & “Blue Ridge Service Station” (Tuck Magazine)

“National Day of Atonement” (Writers Resist)

“To the Horned Moon” (Verse-Virtual)

“Space Station Crew Sees Lots of Clouds” (Ekphrastic Review)

“Worth It” (Rattle Poets Respond)

The King Is Dead” (Poets Reading the News)


Morpheus in West Virginia” (Poets Reading the News)


Samuel Menashe Reads at the Harvard Club (pdf)” (Italian Americana)


“Death of an Artist” (pdf) & On My Great Grandfather’s 131st Birthday” (pdf)            (Poetry Salzburg Review)


“The Muhammadiad” (The New Yorker)

“Seagulls” , “Poets” & “Memorandum” (Battered Suitcase)


“Time Traveler” (Big City Lit)


“Ninotchka” (Pivot)

Thunder” (Pivot)


“Genesis” (Greetings)