Crucifixes and creationists: you thought you knew Italy?

This page is intended to be a go-to list of all my posts on Italy which deal with religion. I try to keep it updated, and my latest posts are at the top.

The cost of the Catholic church

Abolish the Lateran Treaty!

Ratzinger’s blood libel against atheists

An unwelcome guest

All are not equal before the law

The Italian Parliament is not secular

Europe: less secular than you think

Self-portrait of a homophobic politician

• How Italy’s “8 per mille” religious tax works   

• Miracle in Petrignano

• The State Crucifix  

• It gets worse 

• Creationists say the darndest things  

• The crucifix post-Strasbourg  

• Lautsi vs. Italy: UAAR press conference 

• Judeo-Christian roots? There’s no such thing 



Hypocrisy exposed!

• Judge Luigi Tosti discharged for refusing to serve beneath the crucifix 

• The pope’s plaything 

More Bibles, please! 

More religion, please! 

Nichi Vendola on being gay 

Fini or Vendola? 

This country is rotten and will never change, no matter what 

The ear of the eavesdropper 

Mere blasphemy 

Images of holiness: Padre Pio 

Religion in school (is not cool) 

A Zionist plot to bring down the church

L’Affaire Babini

Fear and trembling

Ecclesiastical chutzpah

Sucking up 

My unremarkable loss-of-faith story 

Leaving the flock

A special kind of sin

An interview with Raffaele Carcano of the UAAR (Italian Union of Rationalist Atheists & Agnostics)

Mariastella the Catholic

Jerry Coyne writes to the CNR

 “Take Down Our Crucifix and We’ll Cut Off Your Arms” 


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